What to do with your free time

Sending your children to school is a blessing. Not just for them, but for your free time. You won’t believe what you will be able to accomplish with just a few hours to yourself.

depositphotos_41998281-Woman-making-french-press-coffee-at-breakfastMaybe you’ll go to the gym again. Maybe you’ll catch up on all your favorite shows. Maybe you’ll be able to head back to work. Maybe you’ll pick up a new hobby you never thought you would be able to. The possibilities are endless in this win/win situation with you and your children.

While it might be a little hard to let go at first, and you definitely will not stop thinking about them, letting go is good.

But don’t slack on the kids. They are your pride and joy, and you must treat them as such. Make sure they get to a good school. If you live in the Wesley Chapel area, click here. Sending them to a good preschool gives you the peace of mind to focus on yourself again.

While the kids are away, think about what you miss. Do you want to eat out with your friends? Do you miss being able to run for miles without worrying about if your child will wake up? Do you just want to sleep in?

There are plenty of ways to start your day with them. The right breakfast, like scrambled eggs or oatmeal, can start their day off on the right foot and yours too. Everyone should be eating as healthfully as possible to get the best start to your day.

Try something different every now and then. Make your waffles with bacon built into them. Just toss in a slice of bacon with the batter and watch the waffle iron sizzle. Or get fancy with your french toast and toss in some fruit slices as it cooks for a warm dessert flavor early in the morning. The possibilities are endless in the kitchen.


You can focus on home improvement. Look around the house and see what could use some sprucing up. An investment here and there, whether it’s time or money, can go a long way to giving your family life a little more variety and giving you a lot of happiness.

What’s nice is that your children are working on improving themselves (probably) so you should be too. Maybe reinvest in that gym membership and become a runner again. Maybe you should pick up a new skill, or learn a new language. You’re only limited by your will.

So don’t limit yourself. Go ahead and try something new that you never thought you would be able to. And then come back home to your family and have them wonder what they ever did to deserve you.